This service is for individuals who have tried many methods of care and are not seeing improvement. The purpose of this consultation is to reveal the real reasons why you feel the way you do. This is functional medicine investigating at its best. After our consultation you will have more clarity on the real reasons for your issues and get well again! In addition, I offer many suggestions for treatment options, further testing, and options for future healing by working directly with me.


My passion is to educate everyone on the secrets of a well functioning body and how not just our diet, but our lifestyle, plays a major role in our health. This service is for private speaking events. If you would like me to come to your university, clinic or workplace to speak about a particular nutritional, biomedical or holistic topic, this is a match made in heaven. (please email if interested for options and pricing sarah@sarahcns.com).


The best day to prepare for tomorrow is today. With the use of targeted nutritional supplements and a specific set of anti-aging guidelines and protocols we can halt aging and bring vibrant youth back to your body. A large part of this plan is education to reverse the main causes of aging and create the life you want for yourself in the future. Whether you want to look better on the outside with youthful looking hair and skin or have energy like you're in your 20s again, action toward prevention is key. This plan can also save you thousands of dollars in future medical bills due to the preventative nature of promoting health and longevity. Grow young again!


They are called "stealth infections" for a reason. Things like parasitic infections are often not caught on standard medical tests including stool tests but are an extremely common cause of a whole host of health issues especially in the chronic illness population. Other toxins like mold, heavy metals and environmental chemicals can wreak havoc on our health but aren't often tested for. You need fresh eyes to see if this is one of your common underlying roadblocks preventing you from achieving optimal health! Let me help...


Meeting with a nutritionist on a regular basis offers you individualized support to stay on track and succeed. After several personalized sessions, you’ll become well-versed at making the best food-related decisions for your health needs. This is all about empowering you to make good choices and creating life-long healthy habits that will help you succeed long after our meetings. If you would like to stay accountable, see the changes you've been waiting for and feel better in your body and mind, schedule your initial consultation today.

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