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Skin Issues? Look to your liver!

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The skin is one of my favorite organs because of the endless tasks and functions it performs for us...

When psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne, chemically sensitive skin, frequent rashes, lumps or bumps show up on your skin, it’s all a sign that there are deeper issues going on and using topical treatments that only help *a little* means it’s not solving the root cause of your issue.

If topicals aren’t working then topicals aren’t going to work! Don't you agree? Its time to approach skin health from the inside-out.

When your liver is overburdened with chemicals or parasites, your skin is one of the first organs to volunteer to help… Why do you ask?

...Because you have almost 5 MILLION OPPORTUNITIES on your skin (we call pores) that all serve as an excretory organs meaning they excrete waste… So if your liver cant do it, your pores volunteer as tribute.

This is why saunas work so well because your skin is excreting waste in your sweat. You can sweat out mold toxins, heavy metals, plastics and so much more! Your skin is a detox organ and when the detox boss (liver) gets overwhelmed and needs help, all your pores come to the rescue to help you get those toxins out!

When those toxins are making their way out, they are very inflammatory, meaning they cause inflammation of your skin too... think redness, tenderness, swelling, open/broken skin barrier and more...

Your body is one giant functioning organism!




... isn’t that amazing. It brings a whole new meaning to “body language”. Your skin is quite literally communicating to you.

So instead of chasing the next cream, lotion or serum... maybe start thinking about your liver... and especially it’s ability to drain and detoxify. Below Ive listed some of my favorite ways to support the liver.


Castor oil packs:

A castor oil pack that is laid over your liver on the right side of your body can help your liver drain the sludge better. This means that your skin doesn't have to help and can prevent breakouts, rashes and redness. Used daily for 30 minutes to 1 hour works great or you can use it overnight while you sleep. Its important for you to use high quality castor oil because its such a strong detoxing oil you don't want to buy castor oil that comes in a plastic bottle or is not organic.. My favorite organic, hexane-free, extra virgin castor oil that comes in a glass bottle is from Queen of the Thrones - Dr. Marisol ND. You can check out the castor oil pack kit here:

Liver supporting supplements:

Advanced TUDCA from Cellcore -

This is a bile acid that helps clean out your liver and allow your bile to flow through it more easily - this means a cleaner liver and healthier skin.

Check it out below with access code: 2BVNKPTR

KL Support from Cellcore -

Milk thistle is one of the best herbs for repairing damage done to your liver! KL Support contains milk thistle as well as other liver and kidney cleansing herbs to help improve overall skin health. Check it out below with access code: 2BVNKPTR

NAC or N-acetyl cysteine / Glutathione -

This is the precursor to a powerful antioxidant that our body makes called glutathione. The more antioxidants we consume through diet or supplementation can help take the load off your liver and further improve your skin health.

Liver supporting foods for better skin:

Organic Lemon

Apple cider vinegar

Organic dark green leafy vegetables

Organ meats - especially grass fed liver

Organic grass fed meats and wild-caught fish like salmon and herring

Organic beans

Bitter foods like dandelion greens and arugula (also called rocket).

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