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Part 2. Skin Clues: Dark and Dull skin

#Skinclues are everywhere especially when the skin takes on a darker, dull/pale, or blue-ish hue.

Normally the dermal layer of skin, where the bloodstream resides, should be plump and full of a nutrient-rich blood supply. Blood is bright red when it is healthy, full of oxygen and ready to deliver nutrients to the entire body. De-oxygenated blood is more blue/purple so seeing darker and more dull colors present on the skin are a major sign of lack of oxygen coming from iron-deficiency anemia, toxic build-up in the blood, chronic stress or circulatory issues.

This lack of oxygen in the blood immediately makes it harder for your brain, heart and internal organs to function. These organs are hungry, hungry hippos for oxygen and nutrients, and are not receiving enough of it. Being starved of nourishment can make any organism weak, tired and exhausted.

Common #skinclues that are dark, dull or blue:

- Dark skin creases from advanced diabetes and poor circulation from lack of movement or conditions like heart or renal diseases.

-Dark circles under the eyes are a major indicator of too much consistent daily stress, not enough sleep, poor liver function due to toxin overload or nutrient deficiency and iron deficiency. Iron is what carries oxygen in your blood so low iron = low oxygen delivery.

- #Breastimplantillness due to low grade chronic absorption of toxic metabolites shows up in the skin as a flat complexion and eyes that look dull or pale. Literally the skin version of depression. Dull skin can also be seen in men and women who have artificial parts surgically implanted in the body.

- Infected root canals can cause a very slow and gradual buildup of toxic infection-based metabolites in the blood causing dark circles under the eyes and dull skin tone on both sides or on the side of the face where the infection is present.

and many, many more…

Things that starve your body of oxygen - 2 main offenders:

1. Toxin buildup- Toxin buildup on the inside is due to ongoing toxic exposure an/or inability of the body to rid itself of metabolic waste properly (a.k.a. mainly pooping and sweating daily). Remember mitochondria from biology class!? These little energy engines are found everywhere but in particularly high concentrations in highly metabolic tissues that never stop working like your brain and heart. These billions of mitochondria need oxygen to make energy so if toxins are robbing the body of oxygen, it directly hinders the mitochondria. Imagine a company with a billion employees, and every single one of those employees gets food poisoning and are too sick to go to work all on the exact same day. That company will have massive, MASSIVE lack of production from just 1 day of a billion employees taking a day off to recover. These toxins can be prescription drugs, environmental toxins like pesticides or mycotoxins, drinking too much alcohol, or from toxic people and emotions (a huge post on this last topic coming soon!).

2. Chronic lack of sleep and chronic stress. Every single person that I have worked with that does not sleep enough or is constantly stressed has darker coloration under the eyes and/or a dull or faded complexion that is lacking light (the opposite of ‘glowing skin’). Remember those mitochondria? Well when you don’t sleep enough its the equivalent of working a full days work then going right into graveyard shift. Poor little energy producers are TIRED!!! They need sleep just as much as you. And to stab the knife in farther, lack of sleep and chronic stress make it so that your body does not have the energy to detox properly. Our poor bodies! SLEEP MORE! Choosing to not get enough sleep is also much different than not being able to go to sleep. It all comes down to the root cause of the problem…[The top of the waterfall]

Fun Fact: Did you know that if you find yourself yawning, that is a subliminal message that the body needs more oxygen. A yawn is your body trying to take a deep breath and get some more oxygen to make more energy. Not very many people yawn when they are happy, well-rested and full of energy #thinkaboutit #skinclues


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