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Free toxicity questionnaire for anyone who is curious about their symptoms.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Attached is my toxicity questionnaire which is a tool I use to address a range of symptoms that are present with a high toxic load... and I want you to have access to it! Toxins are everywhere these days and accumulating faster than we can clear them out. These can be from mycotoxins (from mold), heavy metals, pesticide residue, industrial cleaning products, solvents, chemicals and GMOs in processed junk food like fast food and car exhaust. You name it and your body gets to neutralize and excrete it! So, wouldn't it make sense to help decrease our toxic load as much as possible living in this polluted world? Absolutely.

A high toxic load can be due to a few things:

Either the body isn't able to rid itself of toxins very well at all, or the body isn't able to rid itself of toxins fast enough.

Lets look at the latter. If your environment is toxic - ex: mold, volatile solvents, fast food diet - then the daily amount of toxins entering the body will be high. This we may see in conditions where the body is trying to excrete extra toxins through the skin (or anywhere) due to overflow. Psoriasis, eczema, cystic acne, dermatitis conditions, cysts anywhere on the body, benign tumors, acne, painful joints, bad breath and asthma, diarrhea and constipation and eventually to autoimmune conditions among others.

If your environment is relatively nontoxic but are unable to excrete the toxins that you already have or you are affected by acute exposures - This is an internal manifestation of sluggish detox. It could reside in your genes like the HLA-DR gene that is found in 25-50% of all people making it difficult for them to process mold toxins. There are also genes like MTHFR that help with heavy metal detoxification and genetic predisposition can make you a poor detoxer. This mean you may become more affected by smaller amounts or are more sensitive than others. However if it is not genetic, this could mean that your drainage and detoxification pathways are not open. If your body detoxifies perfectly but cant get rid of it, it eventually can build up because the gates are closed (if that makes sense).

You drain and detoxify through your lymph first, then the liver, then the excretory organs: the kidneys, the intestines, the sweat glands, the lungs. Focusing on keeping these detoxification pathways open daily can benefit greatly!

Become your own best detective and start paying attention to your internal and external environment and how you respond to certain things. Ultimately, you will be able to start healing yourself when you start paying more attention and observe yourself.

Please take a peek at the questionnaire, fill it out and see how you scored! Use this tool to track your progress by completing it every 3-6 months and comparing the results.

Toxicity questionnaire
Download PDF • 85KB

Happy healing!


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