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Are you eating organic, but serving yourself toxic thoughts and emotions?



Every thought that we think reverberates throughout the entire body vibrationally - through the nervous system and tissues and we can effectively hijack our biology by thinking certain things!!! It’s amazing!


The hardest part is realizing that you have all the power! Read the book “Biology of belief” or “Quantum healing” and you will see the power!!!


Why do images of puppies make us happy even if they don’t actually exist in front of us? Because they exist in our minds! Anything in our mind is JUST AS REAL as real-life.


Example: watch a scary movie and your heart races, you hold your breath and you get goosebumps. Nothing is happening in real life, it’s all happening in your mind and it’s causing a physical reaction. The movie is 100% real to your brain and the same thing happens with us when we are trying to get healthy.


If you can’t lose weight by changing your diet, maybe it’s because you need to change your mind. You cannot heal a body you hate. What channels are you subscribed to in your mind? Who taught you to hate yourself so much?! This is your wake up call to reprogram your thoughts!


All the exercise, all the organic food, all the special diet supplements, lotions and potions will never fix what’s happening in that beautiful mind of yours. You have to do the “thought” work and start becoming aware of your thought life.


Step 1) become aware of thoughts and thought-life. “What was I just thinking?”

Step 2) practice identifying and canceling out or deleting thoughts that no longer serve you... “I reject that thought!”



Thought #1: “I hate the way my legs look”

BECOME AWARE: Identify that you are thinking a thought that doesn’t serve you and then step in and defend yourself from your own thoughts!

REFRAME: “don’t listen to that! my legs have carried me my entire life and take me everywhere I need to go, I’m grateful to even have legs! I love you legs, thank you.”



Thought #2: “How come I’m not smart enough to figure this out?!?”

BECOME AWARE: I just thought that I wasn’t smart enough, but I know that’s not right... time to step in and correct yourself

REFRAME: “I have figured out tons of things in my life and will surely figure this one out too! I’m a smart person who can do anything I set my mind to!”


What thoughts do you think? Are the thoughts you think serving your team or the enemy’s team?


REPEAT AFTER ME (out loud):

I get to choose my thoughts.

I do not have to believe the thoughts I think.

I get to delete or cancel the thoughts that aren’t in my best interest.

I choose healthy thoughts that support me and my body.

I am powerful enough to change my life whenever I want.

I support myself and my body at all times and love myself and my body at all times.

I choose thoughts that reflect how powerful and unique I am.

Do you like learning more about self-growth and healing the conscious mind?!

Let me know in the comments!

Yours in health,


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